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Latest new freehand Indian rangoli designs 2013

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 In India rangoly is most important for festivals,functions and occasions.Indians spell rangoli as muggu and it is the tradition for designing muggu infront of our house every functions,festivals and occasions these rangoli designs are drawn with colors,flowers etc., what ever they want to decorate them and enjoy them.

Best freehand Indian rangoli designs 2013

  1. This beautiful rangoli design is done with different beautiful colours. In the center, Lord Ganesha’s design is done and he is surrounded by holy-'OM'.
  2. This design can easily be done on occasions like ‘Ganesh chathurti’.The design will surely get you lots of compliments.This is a perfect free hand rangoli design.

Lord Ganesha's design
Best freehand rangoli with Ganesh

Latest new freehand indian rangoli design with ganesh

             Freehand rangoli design with middle ganesh picture,it is a beautiful picture with freehand design easily we have to designed.It is a colourful image of Ganesh decorating with surroundings pushpa's.

Ganesh with puspha's

Simple Indian rangoli design with freehand

   A short and sweet rangoli design of the freehand rangoli designs for you freehand artists. We love the use of diyas to enhance the beauty of the Rangoli. This one is small enough to be done at any place and in small area.

sweet Rangoli design
Simple Indian rangoli

Best Indian freehand rangoli for occasions 

             This rangoli is designing with full of flowers and it is one of the best design for occasions.we love the
 variation of colors and the floral pattern in the middle.It looks like a traditional design with freehand rangoli.

flower Rangoli
Rangoli with flowers


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